3 Top Reasons Behind The Huge Popularity Of Online Movie Streaming

Online video streaming is a fast rising trend in the modern digital world. As per the online video streaming stats, viewers of virtual video in the US are estimated to cross 236 million by 2020. And online movies are one of the most watched among online streamed videos. More than 60% of the US adults today prefer to watch movies online. So, what are the reasons behind this massive popularity of online movie streaming? Well, the post below offers a brief on the top reasons behind the huge popularity of online movie streaming.

Convenience of anytime, anywhere movie

Unlike watching movies in theaters or on your cable TV subscription, you are not bound by any restriction to watch online streamed movies. In regards to your cable TV subscription, you have to depend on the schedule of your cable network. If you want to watch movies in theaters, you have to manage your schedule as per the timings of theaters. But there is no such woe with online streamed movies. You will just need a solid internet connection and a browsing device to watch online streamed movies, anytime and anywhere.

Numerous streaming sites

You have more than 100 online movie streaming sites today from where you can watch your favorite movies online. The availability of a large array of movie streaming avenues has further pushed the popularity of online movie streaming today.

These sites allow you to choose from a wide range of genres as per your specific interests. For example, top online movies streaming site papystreaming enables you to choose from more than 20 genres.

It’s affordable

Subscription fees of online movie streaming sites are just a fraction of cable TV subscription. While your cable network may charge you around $100 a month, it’s just $10 a month for a top movie streaming website.