Virtual Reality: Clash Of Clans

Mobile video games are achieving new heights. The gaming experience is improving day by day. Playing a game is no more a child’s play.  With better graphics and sound, the gaming experience seems very real. Clash of clans is one such game that is gaining wide popularity. The game involves a story. It is set in the backdrop where the player is given the role of a chief of a village. The players need to gather resources by attacking other towns and then build their own town using these resources collected. Resources refer to gold, elixir and dark elixir. Players can also join to form clan groups in which they can share resources and participate in clan wars.

How to excel in game?

The resources gold and elixir are used for defense and to protect the town. Elixir and dark elixir are used to upgrade the clans. The attacks are time based and last for 3 minutes each. The gems are a mode of currency which can be used to purchase spells and upgrade clans. All these resources are not easy to generate. The clash of clans hacks tool can be helpful in this. Not only in generating gold, the hacks can also be helpful in creating gems.

These hacks in the clash of clans game scan are really helpful in collecting more resources and then using them for better attack and defense. However, these cannot be useful if the player does not have a strategy. Clash of clans is a strategy game and it is very important for the player to frame one. Without a plan, no amount of hacks can help him win the game. Hacks can serve the purpose of additional and not absolute help. They can be helpful when you are in need of gold or gems and not when you need a strategy to win.