What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is undoubtedly one of the latest buzzwords in the contemporary marketing scene. As the name says, the concept refers to the automation of different marketing tasks. The function of automation is performed by a specialized software. It’s a part of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Marketing automation is performed through various automation tools that help to generate leads through chatbots, email marketing and SMS text. Top digital marketing companies like https://foogleseo.wordpress.com/ count on marketing automation software to target potential customers effectively through automated promotional messages- across various channels like websites, email or social media.

Importance of market automation

Faster & more efficient marketing

Marketing automation especially takes care of the repetitive manual tasks. A software can always perform faster and more efficiently than a human. In other words, a software can deliver more in a day than a human since the former does not get tired or fatigued. As a result, marketing automation will help your business to complete more numbers of marketing tasks that that was possible with human employees. This way, you will be able to meet the campaign deadlines easily and with more success.

Marketing automation helps a business to cater to its customers in a far better way than what was possible previously. As a result, the business also benefits from increased customer loyalty and improved customer retention.

Less chance of errors

Humans are prone to errors. But a software is a tech tool which is always accurate and hence can promise less chance of errors in your marketing tasks. This way, marketing automation is important to come up with a flawless marketing campaign.

Greater revenue for business

Marketing automation may apparently seem to be a costly investment but it has shown to offer great benefits in long term. 78% marketers credit marketing automation for raking up higher revenues. B2B marketers have experienced 20% increment in sales through lead generation via marketing automation.