How El Chapo Reached Alcatraz of the Rockies Prison?

Jeffrey Lichtman who was fighting many criminal cases of El Chapo has lost all of them and after the verdict the criminal has been sent to Alcatraz of the Rockies prison. The loss has been a major set back for the criminal defense attorney as he tried to follow a relentless approach and still desired outcomes were not attained.

If you have been following the case for a while, you would be aware of the fact, it took a long time for the verdict to arrive but finally the drug lord was sent to the prison. Alcatraz of the Rockies has been the home for the infamous criminal as we can take the fine example of Ramzi Yousef has been captured in the same prison for bombing World trade centre.

Bit More About the Prison

We have already revealed about Alcatraz of the Rockies prison being used for the infamous criminals like Bomber Ramzi Yousef but there are many more other details to be shared. The entire prison is under extreme security but still El Chapo will be kept under special cells so that the drug king will not be able to come in the contact with other prisoners. Being a high-profile person, the prison authorities will not take a risk to all El Chapo to come in contact with other prisoners

The used cell will of roughly 7 foot by 12-foot dimension and a small 4-inch window is left so that the prisoner is not able to see the sky. Only an hour will be given to the prisoner to move outside and that too in a very small caged area

Overall, the prison life of El Chapo will be extremely difficult and he will regret for his past actions that has lead to such a verdict.